The permission to grow a monster girl harem? Granted

Adara is not known for her subtlety, but to be fair neither is Tali! Did I mention drawing reaction faces is fun? I look forward to drawing lots of funny faces in this monster girl harem hentai series of mine, hehe. With this page I wanted to establish the seeds of him building a harem! Though as you can see the Hero is very much a gentleman. He needs permission from his lady before he can fuck whoever he wants in this world. I thought it would be fun if he was a nice person who loves his women but respects them as much as he loves them. This is hentai, but who says he can’t have character? Sleeping with Adara wasn’t even an option to him unless Tali said ok.

Though I do stress that this initial ‘go for it’ is the final word. Meaning he doesn’t need to ask permission from Tali with each girl added to the monster girl harem! Though Adara isn’t a member of the monster girl harem, I should say. There’s gonna be TONS of casual flings with recurring and non-recurring girls. Harem members are girls who join Hero’s travelling party. You know the drill, the main cast! Meeting a sexy monster girl and fucking her is different than adding her to the monster girl harem. I imagine some might get upset Adara isn’t joining though. She’s proven very popular! I’m glad. I love seeing positive reception to a sexy monster girl I created.
Though even if I did like Adara enough to want her to join the Harem it’s not an option. Adara is one of the many MHFAP! OCs I’ve created for friends and fans of the series and there will never be member of the monster girl harem who is an OC. They can show up in the comic, have fun with the cast, but members of the actual monster girl harem? I need to own full rights to them instead of the half rights I share with the OC owners. The OCs are characters created to match the fan’s taste, with some of my own mixed in. But the monster girl harem members? 100% for me, baby. They’re all mine, haha! So you will see a lot of my own interested mixed in with them. Take that how you will…


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