More adorable monster girl fun with Tali!

If you guys remembered I wanted to stress that the Hero will build intimate with each adorable monster girl that gets added to his harem. Naturally Tali as the first gets a head start and I get to put in adorable scenes like this! I really love drawing them being wholesome and cute together in-between more comic h-scenes. I love both though! We got to balance the naughty with the nice, don’t we? I also think these romantic moments every now and then will be a large contrast with other hentai series. I hope they will, at least! Ultimately my goal with MHFAP! is to make something I’d want to read. Adorable monster girl sex with a big harem and a actual romance? Fuck yes.

I’m still figuring out the specifics but I’m gonna have big things to announce soon! I invested in a printer and shipping supplies, so I’m going to be selling MHFAP Stickers and Posters ssin the very near future! Want a sexy pinup of Tali or Rizl to adorn your wall so you can mask your loneliness with anime titties? I’ve got you covered! And even better- prints, posters and stickers are going to be Patreon rewards too! Just need a few more days to figure out details, maybe a week or two at worst. But I’ll have tons of adorable monster girl stuff for you real soon~


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