Sexy robot girl makes her first official appearance, welcome Futura to the cast!

Why am I so bad at keeping this site updated? Mainly cause I don’t like the site’s layout and junk. If the site was better designed I’d be a lot more on top of it… but hey, sexy robot girl! Ladies and gentlemen, meet Futura. She’s finally here, the actual 2nd member of the Hero’s harem! You’ll learn all about her in the coming pages but needless to say I’m very excited. Futura is a very good robot girl, even if she has some attitude problems. Nobody’s perfect though, right?
In case you didn’t see MHFAP! now has an official shirt for sale. Yep, you can wear a cute chibi Tali whenever you want! It’s $21.99 with a $4 shipping fee. Not too bad I think… depending on how it goes, there will be more merchandise made! It’d help support MHFAP! a lot if you got one. More merch sales and more Patreon money means less time spent on comms and more time spent on the actual comic. We all know that’s the most important thing!
I do want to apologize for taking so long with this batch of pages. It wasn’t supposed to be like this. Money was really bad but rather than whine about it I took on a SHITLOAD of commissions and closed up shop. Last few weeks have been working through those. It was a good decision, plenty of money still left over and now I’m free to balance the comic better. This next scene drop, 20-26, is gonna be split up in two. I was originally going to post them back to back but I don’t wanna keep you guys waiting, so I’m going to post 20-22 first. It’s one sex scene and then there’s another right after. So it’ll get you guys some content sooner. I hope you all like this lovely robot girl, you’ll be seeing lots more of her!


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