Monster girl rape?! Oh no she used the R word…

Please don’t be angry, I’m only using it for a joke! Not that I care if anyone takes offense. This isn’t monster girl rape as they both consented. Only a tongue in cheek reference to all those other monster girl hentai protagonists. You know the ones. The spineless beta males who lay there and get raped! Sure, monster girl rape is fun… but what if you’re not into that? As I’ve said many times, MHFAP! is where you go if you’re not into that. Heh.

Feeling pretty good today, though I still didn’t do much hentai art today. Instead I struggled most of the day trying to shade a Mermaid for this week’s SexDex exclusive on Patreon. The mermaid came out great! Hoping to sell her as an adoptable soon too. But for night now I need to go write her lore and all about her place in this sexy hentai world! Coming up with my own world and setting has always been my favorite part of writing. I like to create sandboxes for me to play with. MHFAP! is no exception. It’s only a silly hentai sandbox this time around full of monster girl rape, and other ecchi stuff!

Oh, another cool thing. Today I had the most views my humble smut site has ever got in one day! 5600 different page views. Haven’t checked the exact number of uniques, but roughly 150 people read through all 41 pages of MHAP! today. I haven’t even started getting adspace yet! Word of mouth travels fast. That’s a lot of monster girl lovers, goddamn! I promise to keep this momentum rolling. This content train of sexy hentai sluts and monster girls galore will never end! Hurray for monster girls and hurray for high traffic! If you can’t tell, high traffic puts me in a pretty good mood heh. The more people view my hentai and enter the MHFAP! word the better as far as I’m concerned.


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