Turns out our Sexy Robot is also a Cute Robot!

Well it’s not Sailor Moon, but I suppose we have a transformation scene on our hands! If I had more time I’d have drawn a step by step demonstration of how each of her parts morph between the two forms, but you know… And now we start to see a little bit of what the group dynamics are going to be like between Tali and Futura! Things aren’t looking very promising for out cute robot and the harpy, are they…? Well, they did only just meet. And it seems to be attitude problems on Futura‘s side of things more than anything. Speaking of Futura‘s attitude problems, I released a shirt on the MHFAP! Merch store detailing just that! Pick it up if you feel like it, I think it’s a really cool shirt personally!

Man I have been working so hard lately, like dang. Been focused so hard on chapter 2… we’re almost done! I still have pages left to upload on the main site here but as far as actual drawing goes I only need to color 5 pages until the whole chapter is finished!! It ends on page 37 just so you guys know what page to look forward to. Damn though you guys are gonna love the hardcore threesome sex scene coming up, it’s by far the best hentai I’ve drawn so far in my career! I’m excited to share all that sexy monster girl hentai with you, you got no idea!! I pushed myself to the bone drawing all those sexy monster girls bouncing on our Hero’s dick so I hope you all love what’s in store…~


The 2nd MHFAP! Audio Adventure, Rizl: I Hate That You Hate, is now out! And it comes with 2 EXCLUSIVE Pinups! 

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