Is Rizl acting like a tsundere? Nah man I’d say she has pretty reasonable justification to be pissed!

And here we are at the end of yet another chapter! This one, once it really got going (which took a while) wrapped production quicker than all the other ones so far. At least it feels like that, I could totally be wrong. But the fact remains that from page 11 onwards things started to go realllly fast. And this pace will continue from now on, so fret not there will be many more tsundere kobold pages for you to enjoy! I still gotta do two small things for the end of chapter 3. Gotta make dat tsundere gal’s sexdex right after I finish posting this blog. After that I’m going to make an afterwards page for chapter 3 and go into my thoughts some more, you know, that sorta thing. Both things should be very fast and won’t take me very long! Excited to get them both up honestly. For the sketch on the afterward page it’ll probably be Rizl wearing something sexy. Not sure what yet but I’ll figure something out for the tsundere ‘zard I promise!

Chapter 4 is going to start getting posted as early as next week. Don’t worry about the pace slowing down or anything, things are running extremely smoothly I’m happy to say for once! I’ve already told you guys what to expect for chapter 4. The ratio of sex-to-action is a bit lower than before. I think 8-9 out of the 21 pages are sexual? And the rest is action sequences and fun dramatic stuff. It’ll be a nice change of pace but consider this a warning ahead of time if you’re only interested in the lewds. For the last time I’ll just remind you that chapter 5 will make up for it don’t worry! For now, just enjoy that Tsundere kobold!

Characters are colored by DallyDonut
Landscapes are colored by Fleoa


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