Hero’s in the mood for some lizard sex, fuck that kobold pussy already!

Here it comes, the moment of truth! Hero’s ready to pierce his big cock straight into Rizl’s tight little pussy and from the look of tension on both their faces they seem like they’re both about to burst! The anticipation for lizard sex is palpable, hero can barely contain himself as he grabs her huge ass and starts pushing his meat inside her walls… damn, just thinking about this hot lizard sex is almost setting me off just typing it out! I’m really happy with how this page turned out! Rizl’s butt looks so soft and shiny that I just want to bite it ahhh

I hope everyone’s enjoying the ride so far for chapter 3! We still got a ways to go on it, but I assure you things are moving along pretty fast in the production right now. Page 14 should be ready and shared later tonight, and 15 and maybe even 16 tomorrow. Chapter 3 is 24 pages all in all and it’ll have a SexDex for Kobolds at the end because of Rizl. So think of that as a nice little treat for getting through the lizard sex!

Guess what though? I’ve started storyboarding chapter 4! I’ve got four pages fully prepared for me to sketch and ink them, out of 22 pages I think? Yeah, like I said things are really smooth right now. There’s not stopping this endless train of monster girl porn as long as I have you guys here supporting me every step of the way!

Colors on this page were by DallyDonut, go check her stuff out she’s a real good friend of mine!

Again, if you haven’t seen it check out that Patreon preview I posted of Rizl getting a facial!


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