Tali + Titfuck = Next Level Woke

And the very short titfuck begins. It was a super hot titfuck while it lasted though! Of course, time passes by strange inbetween panels. Even though the titfuck looks like a sequence of events back to back it’s more like this was several minutes. Drawing hentai has a lot of strange circumstances you know? Though this was mainly a filler page because I wanted to draw Tali giving a sexy titfuck heh. No arguments there I’m sure? That’s what I thought. The world needs more monster girl titfuck hentai, and by god… I’ll be the one to give it to them!
Today was a mixed bag. My mental state has been in some rough spots lately from all kinds of things. Not to the degree that you gotta be worried about me. No, I mean more like I’m haggard, exhausted and emotionally drained. Getting drawing done has been difficult as my motivation fizzles a bit earlier in the day than usual. But I still got plenty done today don’t worry! I’m just not working at my %100 right this second. More like %60 if I had to guess. It will only minimally effect the endless monster girl hentai I have planned for you guys. There is still much more hentai to be had!
I know it’s just silly porn dialogue, but I really do like writing the cute exchanges during sex. Tali tries her best and it makes me happy thinking about her saying cute stuff like this. I’m glad so many others out there like Tali as much as I do. She truly turned out to be the golden goose haha. I would give her headpets if I could for she is a good girl. Just one more page until we debut Futura! The second member of our hero’s monster girl harem! I have a feeling everyone will love her once they get to know her. But first we have to finish that titfuck!


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