Paizuri time with Tali! Praise the Oppai!

As you can see here, from now on every page of MHFAP! is going to be fully shaded! This replaces the cell-shading style I was doing before. It’s not that much harder to draw this way. Makes it look a whole lot better! But yeah, a short Paizuri page is coming up. Because I wanted to keep the pace this is just a quick one off paizuri page before we get to the actual hentai scene. Variety is the spice of life! And I wanted to sneak in some Tali love since she’s so popular. Tali will be a part of the last hentai scene in this chapter, but she hasn’t had much time to shine yet! Outside of her gags this chapter hehe.
I love how the last panel came out on this page. Tali has a great pair of awkward bedtime eyes… the lighting is pretty seductive too! When her hair droops down it ends up making her look very sultry when combined with those eyes. Such a lovely monster girl she is hehe. Also have to love the over-dramatic hero as always. One of the main reasons I wanted a paizuri scene right now is because he hardly got to play with Tali’s tits in chapter 1. My fault on that. Their sex scene should have been longer. He didn’t get to point out how big her boobs are and have a fun dialogue about them… so I wanted to make up for that here. So many fun monster girl hentai stuffs I get to draw. I am happy!
As for today I need to get some work on commissions done. Not going to start sketching the next scene for a few days now I think. Fastest way to help me make pages is pledging on Patreon, of course. Obligatory reminder! More Patreon means less commissions, which means more comic time heh. Help spread the love of monster girl hentai and paizuri far and wide!


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