The Maledom begins!

Tali has become Krillin. She sits on the sidelines during sex scenes and cheers on Goku, unable to help. At least for this scene, heh. But she encourages the maledom at least! The harem will get involved in a good number of sex scenes but I also love the idea of them just… sitting around doing funny comentary as Hero fucks the monster of the week. Would make for some pretty good gags and I already have some ideas. But this page is another example of the fun dynamic Hero and Tali share with each other. She pushes him and always has his back! Give that Salamander some good ol’ maledom, hero!

I’m feeling good today, I got a ton of sexy monster girl stuff done today. No actual hentai but a lot of character design work on some new OCs. Real sexy stuff, can’t wait to share the new girls with you all! I’m also waiting to hear back on some adspace I’m buying… I’m expecting the MHFAP! fanbase to grow quite a lot so I feel like a kid on christmas eve. I wanna open those damn monster girl presents already!! Ahhhh I’m happy right now. MHFAP! has been gaining so much traction. The more people reading about my adorable monster girl sluts the happier it makes me. Now we only need to make Tali bigger than Zone-tan and my life will be complete.
My fiance is visiting her family for a few days so I’m going to be doing work pretty much nonstop. I hope everyone’s ready for the crazy hentai train this entails. Got a lot left on my MHFAP! commissions queue including OCs, SexDex’s and Patreon Pinups. Stay tuned for more monster girl hentai goodness!


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