We open on an adorable harpy girl flying her man somewhere, but suddenly…?!

Alright everyone who’s been waiting so eagerly for new pages, here we go! I’m done with the first scene of chapter 2. A lot has come up that I didn’t have control over and honestly I would have finished way sooner. But things are pretty rough right now so I’ve had to work on all sorts of thing alongside the main comic. First scene is 4 pages so I’m going to upload new ones each day for the next few days! Then we’ll see how fast I can complete the layouts for the next scene or two but it should be faster. Not very many background panels or detailed shots. There will be some nice fun pinup shots of this lovely harpy girl though, so I hope everyone looks forward to it! It’s a scene I’ve wanted to draw for ages now.

A new segment of MHFAP! has launched. Ask Monster Girls Anything! Patreon supporters get the right to ask the cast of MHFAP questions and I answer back in adorable chibi form! Here’s a little example of one of my favorites so far!


Apologies, my site is being shitty and won’t let me show the full resolution. Click here to see it in better quality! There are 8 finished right now and if you want you can go read all of them for free right now!

New Patreon Reward Tiers!

To those who didn’t know yet, I’ve added a new $10 reward tier to Patreon! Now there’s a weekly SexDex entry to everyone who pledges that much. You can see the first entry right now if you’re inclined to pledge! It’s for a sexy little thing I named the Sexotoad~ here’s a preview for anyone who can’t pledge at the moment! Know that even if you don’t pledge all readers whatsoever make me happy. Even just as much as a few comments and pageviews make my day!

You can expect more Patreon reward tiers soon though. I’m admittedly really, really upset. You see I was going to start offering to send chibi stickers to supporters every month and even glossy pinup prints! So I went spent like $60 on new printer ink so I can test out my sticker paper. It’s printing shitty, and I can’t fix it. So I dropped $60 on something I can’t return and that really hurts my situation a lot right now when I don’t have much money. Ugh. I’ll have to try and figure something out… because I really did want to do this. I know I get a lot of viewers on my Patreon and not that many people pledge.

Most likely because I’m not offering enough… I want to change that! But at the same time I can’t add much more to my current workload. I need to balance commissions and MHFAP to stay afloat. So they have to be easy to do things which is tricky. I’ll figure more out…


Go check out that pinup of Adara the Salamander I did! She came out really… hot. Sorry, but I had to… Either way, it’ll be a nice WARM up to her appearance in chapter 2! I’ll show myself out now.

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