What an exciteable bug girl we have here…

I wouldn’t call Proteah gullible, as she seems to be rushing things here. Perhaps seeing that legendary blade so close before her eyes has sparked a sertain… sexual desire inside this bug girl’s heart? I mean let’s not kid ourselves this bug girl wants the d and they’re gonna fuck like instantly. Honesty is a lovely policy! Especially when it comes to being open about your sexual desires. Being a mantis bug girl must suck, though. I can’t imagine how hard getting off would be for that poor monster girl’s wet little pussy… No wonder she’s so open to it right after seeing his big dick. Poor thing probably started imagining her pussy getting stuffed the second it was whipped out!

I was going through a small art depression thingy while I was drawing chapter 2.2. I was really upset with how I currently color my characters, but the funny thing is after I finished drawing all of the pages I feel really strongly about how good these hentai comics came out! There’s some really sexy stuff in the next couple of pages and it’s all thanks to that sexy bug girl you see there on the page! Thank you Proteah, such a good grumpy monster girl/bug girl bab she is.

Gonna keep posting the rest of chapter 2.2 so be prepared for plenty of hot, sexy bug girl hentai coming your way very shortly! Even though I’m sick of drawing filler content I’m not sick of drawing sexy monster girl hentai so I guarantee you the quality hasn’t dropped an inch from Bella‘s minicomic which we all loved so much!


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