A sexy bug girl draws near, meet Proteah!

This mantis is named Proteah. I should clarify that because her name actually doesn’t come up in these 6 pages. Partly my fault on the script but it just didn’t happen diagetically with the way their conversation ended up. I’ll keep that in mind for the future though! But yes, a sexy bug is here at leat! I’m a huge fan of sexy bug girls so you can expect to see more of them in the future of MHFAP! Perhaps even one in the Harem…? Well, some of you might already know the answer to that as I’ve talked about it before! But I should keep that a surprise for those who haven’t heard, haha.

I’m getting pretty tired of drawing filler content, but now that Ch. 2.2 is done there’s only 15 more pages of filler left! One 6 page minicomic and 3 shorts. The shorts will be really easy to draw so I’m not that worried about them. But I would much rather be moving forward with the plot… in case you forgot, the minicomic and shorts are commissions. So they’re how I pay the bills and shit. You can help me make the main comic faster by pledging to my Patreon! But hey I don’t want to sound like a broken record… I just want to draw sexy monster girls and make fun stories! Can’t do that without everyone’s help! I mean I can, but that results in tons of delays, filler and no plot development. Rip. Ah well, things will get better as I start making more money I know it!


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