A brand new chapter of MHFAP! begins now, with a picture of an adorable goblin to set us off!

You might be wondering where exactly the color went. It’ll still happen, eventually… but you guys need to help me more on Patreon first. Color is a stretchgoal from now on because I really can’t handle doing it myself anymore and I also don’t have the staff or funding to get it colored. This is the only way and I hope you understand, I do this for free, so take the adorable goblin as it is or help me make it better! I’ll edit this out whenever the colored version of this page gets made, but there’s no way of telling how long that will take.

But I’m happy to say that not doing the coloring anymore has been a GIGANTIC relief and I feel so much better knowing I can get my amazing content out faster and have more chances to show you ‘wow, this monster girl comic really IS worth supporting!’. Because I know if I can just get you all to keep reading and to see more of Tali, Rizl and Futura then you’ll come to believe in me and help me create WAY more free hentai comics for every horny person to enjoy. And here’s to the start of Going Green, it’s been a long time coming but we’re finally making really big headway with it and I’m excited for how its coming along! I hope you all like this picture of Thia, an adorable goblin that you’ll see later on in this chapter! There are plenty more adorable goblins on the way in this arc, so stay tuned as I draw all kinds of sexy anime girls and monster girls for you to jack off to!


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