One last funny pinup to round off chapter 2.2!

This was a funny pinup idea me and Coltores, Proteah’s owner, have had since we very first decided on the comic. It feels great to see it finally come to fruition! But man… I’ve been drawing so much filler shit that it’s been weeks since I’ve drawn Tali… it was a very refreshing bit of monster girl art for me to work on. Now if only I could sneak in some time to draw Futura, I would feel a little less shitty about all the stuff that’s standing before me and chapter 3… bleh. At least it counts as a lot of comic training. Refining my craft- working on paneling choices and that kind of stuff. And the upcoming bonus comics will really help this site grow by adding more monster girl content.

I sometimes wonder about expanding the MHFAP! content by working with other artists to create extra comics where I only write the scripts, but idk how I’d oversee that since I’d probably be really particular about how my characters look lol. I just want the MHFAP! brand to be really big and that will eventually mean collaborating with other artists and taking them under my wing… Something I’ve also thought about is in the future hiring a colorist so I can only have to do the sketches and lineart and story, but like, I dunno. I feel like that might be too far? Plus it’s not like I have the money to start paying a colorist regularly lol. I’d also be a pushy boss probably and I’d need someone who works with my program and can keep up a good speed.

Every day I feel like I’m becoming more like a real mangaka… My team has already expanded quite a lot behind the scenes for people who help me with various things  here and there. None of it’s art related though, I’m still doing 100% of that lol. But yeah. Gotta keep expanding this shit because goddamn the MHFAP! world and it’s characters, whether that’s main chars like Futura, or OCs like Nona, mean the world to me and I want it to be huuuuge <3

If you want more bug hentai why don’t you have a look at this sexy pinup of Vespula getting fucked by the Hero?


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