Double Paizuri… what a way to end this little sexcapade!

No doubt that as of writing this blog, this is my favorite page I’ve drawn of MHFAP! so far! I was super scared of drawing that double paizuri. I wasn’t confident in my ability to make it come out as sexy as I wanted… but damn. Once I got started and got carried away with it, holy shit did that double paizuri turn out good! Not only that but Hero is grabbing a handful of each girls nice, thick asses. I love how squishy Tali’s butt looks in the double paizuri panel! She’s so soft and I want her to sit on my face- I mean- I want to draw her being all sexy and shit even more! Eheh. I definitely want to draw even more double paizuri scenes- as the harem grows the number of titties will only grow as well!

I hope everyone enjoyed all the sexy monster girl hentai that chapter 2.1 had to offer, whether it be amazing double paizuri scenes or sexy minotaurs bouncing on Hero’s dick while lactating! This really had a lot of variety for a 6 page minicomic… I guess I should be pretty proud of that. Chapter 2.2 doesn’t have as much variety, since the sex scene is just one take and it’s during a conversation… but hey, chapter 2.2 is still gonna be super sexy don’t get me wrong!! I hope everyone is looking forward to it. I say that a lot, but I just want people to be happy with all my sexy monster girl content! The happier people are with my monster girl hentai, the more fun I have creating it and putting it out there in the world.


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