Yes, another Neko MHFAP! OC for Urban. Yes, this is his 47th or something. Joke’s aside, Moxie is adorable and I love how she came out!

Here’s her bio!

Moxie is another member of the top 10 Meowdels of Mewtopia, this time at the #3 spot. While beloved for her beautiful body and maid aesthetic, she is extremely popular because of her personality above everything else. The maid costume is not a gimmick, she lives to serve and help others! The only problem is she’s bad at it, constantly making messes and knocking things over with her breasts or her hips, or so on. If there’s a way to mess it up there’s an extremely high chance she’ll find a way to. But you see, this is what makes her so popular! She cries and cries but Moxie, jut as her name implies, never gives up. She just bounces right back up and tries to make everything right!

It’s also not just a costume because her Myanager owns the most popular cafe in Mewtopia, Chattenyan, and it employs Moxie as its primary server. She’s booked months in advance by tourists from all over the MHFAP! world, but as she’s so desperate to serve, Moxie often uses her freetime to service her fans who are either too poor or can’t make time for an appointment with her. This irritates her Myanager, as she insists they should be charging customers like these, but Moxie won’t hear it. It’s fair to say Moxie isn’t in it for the money obviously, but is really just that kindhearted. An EXTREMELY rare trait among nekos.

One thing that does bother her though is that because of her incredibly terrible luck and incompetence, there have been more scandals involving her than any other Meowdel since she’s frequently tripping, nip slipping, or somehow initiating public sex with one of her many monster girl fans… or, with Hero. Speaking of…

As for her relationship with the Hero of MHFAP!, well, she’s a maid. Figure it out. Jokes aside, they met one day when he was in Mewtopia and her incompetence ended up doing the whole whoops I acidentally tripped and your face is now in my boobs!! schtick, only it escalated far beyond that… He has since then become Moxie’s favorite customer, but is to shy to frequently hang out with him when he’s visiting Mewtopia because she’s worried she’ll inconvenience him. Knowing this, he always goes out of his way to spend time with her despite her frequent protests that it’ll go badly for him. She does her very best to please her Myaster’s needs, at least there’s one thing she’s good at!

In the mood for more Neko characters? I just posted a new one, Tabatha, or you can check out Tabatha’s #1 source of migraines, Princess!

Moxie is a MHFAP! OC owned by UrbanWulfe


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