New harpy time, and this time it’s a chicken harpy! Isn’t she adorable?

A brand new OC for my good friend and supporter Urban! Henrietta has a huge big sister complex towards our main birdy, Tali and loves spending time with her when she and Hero visit the Farm! Here’s her bio-

Henrietta is yet another of the extensive list of monster girls who live on Bella’s farm. Specifically she lives in the Chicken harpy coop along with a number of other chicken harpies and their job is to provide premium eggs on top of caring for the normal chickens. They raise the hens and make sure they’re producing eggs, and when its time for some meat they are in charge of selecting the ones ready for consumption. Henrietta does her best not to get too attached but she’s a sensitive girl. Overall, Henrietta is a hardworker just like most of the farm girls, and she takes great pride in her work. She loves spending time with her chicks and is popular the farm over for her warm, country girl personality.

It’s no secret (at least to the Farm girls) that the Farm is one of Hero and his Harem’s favorite hideouts and they spend many a day in between adventures hanging out and helping with farm work. During this time, Henrietta met Tali and Tali was introduced to a brand new type of Harpy culture. You see, Chickens don’t fly, and since they pride themselves on raising real chickens with great meat, Chicken harpy girls respect a certain thing that our main girl has in spades… Breasts. Yes, just like how real chickens are valued for their breast meat, Chicken harpies are super into big breasts and often have breasts on the larger side themselves! This contradicts almost all the experience Tali has had with other harpies thus far in her life, and Henrietta is the biggest shake up she’s ever had as far as other harpies go.

Henrietta has a massive big sister complex towards Tali and respects the hell out of her. Never quite reaching creepy territories with it but getting dangerously close at times… It’s a very pure love, she thinks Tali is super cool for being a wanted criminal defying the Erinyes, and for being the most stacked harpy she’s ever seen. She continually talks about how impressive Tali’s chest is and asks her for boob advice continually, which unsettles Tali but flatters her at the same time. Tali loves her new ‘flock’, and spends a lot of time with the chickens when it’s time to visit the farm- especially with Henrietta who she grows to love as a little sister in her own right.

Henrietta’s relationship with the Hero of MHFAP! is one of adoration as well, as he’s this impressive criminal on a magical quest and she’s just a simple farm girl, and he scored a S+ tier harpy as his first girl so he MUST be impressive, right? Funnily enough, she flips the tables on Tali’s cuckquean fetish and when together she likes to watch Hero fuck Tali up and observe her big sis in super lewd coitus. This is very hot to her, but she loves taking it from Hero just as much and wants his help often. She and the other chickens find that after several creampies from him, their eggs are a much higher quality for several days afterward. She calls him Rooster, as the rest of the Chicken harpy girls do, a term they’ve heard spoken of in legends about life before the Sexaclysm, where there were male chickens.

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