Time to upload the first piece of art I commissioned someone to make for MHFAP! Starting off strong we got an adorable chibi of Tali, my beloved Harpy!

This is a lovely piece created by an artist called Villmix who does commissions over on FurAffinity! In order to get people talking about my humble little hentai comic I took getting other artists to create amazing art featuring all my lovely Monster Girls. Doing so alsos helps me give back to the artist community which helped me grow so much in the year and a half I’ve done commissions. And you know what? That feels damn good. I also discovered seeing other people draw my girls excites me more than I thought was possible!

Because the comic is so early on, you’re mostly going to only be seeing art of Tali, and a few of Rizl. Mostly Tali, honestly. She IS the mascot more or less and advertising her early on will help grow the MHFAP! brand as much as possible. Not that the other members of the main Harem aren’t as important as Tali! But she shows up first and her relationship with the Hero is the first one he cultivates. Naturally our little birdbrain gets some special priviledges, yeah?

In regards to this piece, I really fuckin’ love it. Like hot damn. It was just a simple chibi YCH so I was unsure how it would come out, but I love it so much that it’s became my avatar over on Discord, FA, and pretty much everywhere else… I feel like I should be using my own art for avatars, but… hm. On the other hand, using other’s art of my girls would show my appreciation for all the lovely art I get of them! Villmix creates tons of really cute art and not all of it is furry. It’s also priced great! Seriously, go check him out and tell him PunishedKom sent you~

Got Fanart for Me? Feel free to mail it to me!