This bunny girl cannot be tamed, and the poor thing isn’t too happy about that! Read her character bio below to learn more about her!

As you may already know by now, Beast Girls already possess far greater lust than their typical animal counterparts. What happens then, when an animal already known for having an incredibly high libido is a Monster Girl? Well, girls like Lepori the Bunny happen. And Lepori is anything but happy about it. One look at her can tell you most you need to know about the poor gal- she suffers in a nigh constant state of arousal and can not live an ordinary life becaose of it. Her desire to breed vastly overpowers any personal choices she has in her agency and her body acts sultry and sluttish against her will. Lepori just wants to have a normal life and be friends with lots of girls, not spread her legs for every monster girl she comes across… Thus, a look of permanent frustration is often had across her face hidden behind the intense blush.

Lepori has had a great many partners though no significant romances to speak of. She wishes she could find someone to treasure her as a person and not as a thicc bunny with nice big titties, but it’s awfully hard to do that when her overwhelming mating instinct overpowers her. She blurts out crazy lewd things when she means to ask innocent questions. ‘You wanna go hang out?’ turns into ‘LET’S GO FUCK UNTIL I GET PREGNANT WITH 17 BABIES’ and other embarrassingly erotic statements, which often makes her sniffle up and cry. Poor Lepori…

It’s not even that she doesn’t like sex or intimacy, she just hates her body’s uncontrollable urges and dislikes how she feels it defines her personality.

Of course, her run in with the protagonist of MHFAP! affected her greatly as no one has ever quite satisfied her urge to breed quite like he has. Maybe the dick woke ancient instincts within her from when the species used to co-exist, but her extremely deep lust subscedes ever so slightly after a vigorous round of mating with him. It’ll be back in a few hours, sure, but a few hours is like a lifetime when you’re forced to spend your entire day to day as a horny bunny girl. When she is without him, she thinks of him constantly, so he may have made things worse in a way. Regardless she calls him ‘Carrot’ after his big, meaty stick. People pay me to write this shit.

Lepori is a MHFAP! OC owned by my friend Kyuu. Want to see more MHFAP! OCs? Try this sexy as hell Ogre, Uzka, or the recent dark elf hottie Harna!


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