Yup, now there’s even a Bugbear girl!

Meet Kessi, a Bugbear girl with an attitude! Course all bugbears are pretty grumpy but Kessi has some issues let’s just say. It mainly has to do with the crew she runs with, being Nona and the other goblins. Kessi is slated to make an appearance in chapter 4, though it’s a minor one likely without any dialogue. You never know though. I’m really fond of this bugbear girl! She’s one of the nine billion MHFAP! OCs my good friend Urban owns. Always happy to serve, especially if it means designing more sexy monster girls for my close friends!  Long as it doesn’t start getting in the way of the comic- which unfortunately it has a habit of doing so… so yeah, not ALWAYS happy to serve, but I digress.

Kessi is a fun bugbear girl who has an equally fun relationship with Nona. I don’t want to spoil too much of the specifics, but it’s pretty much a master/pet dynamic with Nona. It just doesn’t quite work the way you think it would, hehe. There is actually an upcoming MHFAP! Short on the way, showing 3 pages of some exciting Nona x Kessi yuri action! The lineart for it is all done, I just need to get Angela to do the flat colors some time. Although theres a different MHFAP! hentai short that needs to get done first before that, and that one too also has all the lineart done. Will feature even more sexy yuri action, but again, will need to wait a tiny bit for that!


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