Since Boosly is becoming more relevant and I have a lot of art to post regarding her, here’s her ref sheet and her bio!

Got to get this cute little ghosty uploaded to the site here, so I can work on getting more of her art posted! First of all, here’s her bio!

Boosly is not a ghost, but a Poltergeist. This is a very big distinction that needs to be made because it defines a lot of her personality. Rather than a living embodiment of a dead monster girl’s soul, she is the residential spirit of a house- specifically the Moonstained Manor. When Levy the Vampire first became an official Dungeon Boss, rather than building her own from scratch she and her minions sought out a suitably creepy place to fit their ilk. They quickly settled on the Moonstained Manor before finding out that the house came with a plus one.

Levy and Boosly came to an uneasy truce. Boosly would allow the Dungeon to happen since it meant lots of new people would show up to raid the Dungeon and she’d get to cruelly prank and harass would-be looters. Boosly is the only one of Levy’s ‘servants’ who does not respect her on a personal level, and their relationship is dominated by the fact that Boosly can’t defy the Vampire solely because of how powerful Levy is.

Deeply cruel and territorial, Poltergeists protect their homes and terrorize would be settlers with unending pranks of harmful nature. Thankfully, she has a wide array of tools in her arsenal to help her machinations come to fruition. Boosly possesses the typical gamut of abilities one would expect a Poltergeist to have. Invisibility, possession, disembodied voices, telekinesis, the ability to enter dreams, creating hallucinations both auditory and visual, each ability an indispensable boon in her quest to bring the world to heel with cruel laughter. Above all her powers is the ability to warp the structure of the Manor herself, giving her power over the architecture that even Levy doesn’t have. This explains the many changing rooms and appearances of the Manor.

Her relationship with the Hero of MHFAP! Is antagonistic. While Hero is typically good at not getting spooked by other monsters who like to prank, Boosly is apparently good enough at what she does to keep him on his toes. He’s also a lot more cautious concerning her as her pranks often end in him or someone in his harem actually getting hurt. There’s never been any major damage caused by her, he can’t bring himself to fully trust her when she’s around. More than once he has taken out his anger at her and sexually humiliated her, which only heightens their rivalry as her drive to get him back and femdom him is only increased. She calls him ‘Scaredy Cat’ as her pet name.

Boosly is a MHFAP! OC owned by my friend Urban

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