Brand new picture of big boobs hanging out from Tali in a bikini as she tempts Rizl!

This started off as a request but I ended up paying my friend Dally to color it for me, she did such a good job shading those big harpy boobs! For the request it ended up being a bit different than they initially asked. They wanted to see Rizl jealous but I was like nah, she wouldn’t be jealous of big boobs, she’d be into them. So it became more about that and I think this sexy ecchi piece of art came out just fine! I don’t normally take requests but I was in the mood and openly asked if anyone wanted to see anything of the main characters. I’m always listening when it comes to requests for Tali, Futura and Rizl but it really depends on what kind of stuff I have going on. Right now, a request would be laughable. I have way too much stuff to be doing and I can’t be bothered to do anything non-essential, and that pains me. If it pains you too, consider supporting me on Patreon so I can hire people to delegate more things to and have time to focus on content creation.

For this piece, I think it shows how Tali and Rizl get on pretty well. I like the dynamic they ended up having. Tali’s open to pretty much anything, Rizl is totally into her and respects her, but she’s a bit awkward about her crush on Tali than she would be with any other girl. Maybe because of Hero being in the mix making it kinda weird? Something like that I’d assume.

Thank you again Dally for coloring this piece for me, it turned out lovely!

If you wanna see more of Tali, I just uploaded a pic of her new ref sheet! And for Rizl, you can’t go wrong with this page of the comic.


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