Let there be Monster Girl Hentai for all!

Hey there guys! It’s finally time for MHFAP!, my monster girl hentai series, to have its own website! I spent two whole days putting this stuff together and boy it was not fun. But I will admit it was worth it, I think this site came out perfectly. It’s the perfect place to host all my hentai endeavors! I originally planned on having someone else make this website

As far as this page goes, I want to make it clear that this is the only instance of rape in the comic and it’s or backstory/lore purposes. I don’t mean to offend anyone but I’m making a hentai comic about fucking countless monster girls, so I guess I’ve already gone past that huh? But to set your expectations MHFAP! is a very vanilla series and you shouldn’t be expecting hardcore NTR 30 chapters of rape. Nah man you do you but MHFAP! is meant for me to enjoy myself, and that stuff is not my thing.

I should also make it clear that there won’t be any hardcore fetishes or anything either. and I don’t want tons of comments asking me to draw x or y. I love and respect all my readers, but I want you to respect that I only draw what I want to for MHFAP! I’m a simple man who likes harems, monster girls, ahegao and some assorted stuff… but it is all still pretty vanilla. Sorry in advance!

That being said, I think you’re still going to like what I have planed a whole lot. This hentai series is going to have it all. Great, adorable characters with sexy bods. Hilarious sexual comedy. An overarching story… Just keep reading and I promise not to disappoint you! I have a ton of things in store, and I don’t plan on giving up. I do hope you consider supporting the series on Patreon but it’s not necessary! You’ll just be getting exclusive content for doing so.

No matter what, I hope you enjoy the fun Monster Girl Hentai I have planned for you all!


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