Enjoy this awesome blowjob fanart I did of MissBanana!

Recently I became friends with the popular camgirl/adult model MissBanana! She’s a really cool girl, but obviously that comes with being a porn superstar haha. I got in touch with her and offered to make her a sexy fanart and she was very ecstatic about the opportunity to get something from me! Right away she knew she wanted it to be a blowjob pic and I was more than happy to oblige.

I think I’m quite happy with how it came out, I tried some techniques I don’t usually use and I think it made this drawing pop a whole lot more than usual. Wanted to make sure it looked special for her and everything you know? I went with a very colorful pallet to use on her hair and I just think the whole thing meshes so well together. It was a really fun drawing to make!

Don’t worry though there’s more MHFAP! content coming soon, I already started on the last page thing and I’ll probably have it posted tomorrow along with another SexDex entry! You’re gonna like that one trust me on that~

Make sure you check out MissBanana over on Twitter, and especially check out her ridiculously sexy vids on PornHub! You don’t wanna miss those trust me. Lastly thanks one more time to MissBanana for giving me the chance to work with her!


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