Time for a brand new ask segment! Hope you’re all excited to see them, here’s one for Tali!

Hey everyone, got something nice here for you all, it’s the return of the ask segment! You may remember these from way earlier on when I posted them as short comics that quickly became too much work. You may also remember that thanks to the erotic audios I released on Gumroad, Tali and Rizl have official voice actresses. Well. I came up with an easy way to do more ask segment content.

As you can see for this ask segment, I basically made one portrait (colored and lined by my good friend Illunation) with tons and tons of facial expressions that I can mix and match and save individually. Sooo, I end up with tools that can easily create an ask segment in almost no time flat. So I just have to write a script, hand it to one of my voice actresses and shoot them a small fee and boom! New ask segment. I’m really excited for the future of these… especially now that we have Futura casted…!

I assume these will get made even faster when I’m making more money and can afford to pay for more of them and potentially hire an editor to make them real quick for me. But that’s far off in the future… like… every other time saving thing I mention because it all falls down to money. Fuck, I’m depressing myself again. Was trying to go a few hundred words before I got down on myself. Bleh. We’re supposed to be here talking about the ask segment! So enough about my crumbling mental state.

I hope to put out a lot more of these for you guys to watch, learn to love my cute characters even more!

Special thanks to Khianni, Tali’s Voice Actress!


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