Avert your eyes, this is some seriously lewd handholding! Don’t let the children see!

Or something like that. You know how it is, haha. Welcome to another answer on the Ask Monster Girls Anything segment, and we got another question for our sexy harpy, Tali! This one is still a favorite of mine even though it comes from the pre-4-koma format. Not every joke has to be super lewd or perverted, you know? Tali is a very wholesome person in her own way. She’s not obsessed with dick, it has to be HIS dick. She loves the poor guy with all she’s got! Even if they just met a day ago in canon, lol.

But that sort of over-the-top romance works just fine for me. I know for a fact that they’ll have a lot of development together and that this relationship is only just beginning! And yes, there just might be some more lewd handholding. Among LOTS of other lewd things!! Paizuri… nakadashi… irrumatio… all those naughty lewd moon runes.

Today has been pretty ok. Lots of stuff I got done on the site! You can see all the new articles and junk. I’m working on self promoting myself like fucking crazy right now. As far as I’m concerned if someone hasn’t heard of PunishedKom– monster girl hentai ecchi master extraodinaire, then I’m not doing my job right. Everyone needs to hear about me, haha! Working on expanding my lewd audience is fun, but… not at the same time. Like getting tons of page views feels awesome but then writing many blogs and posting all over the place to get them is very much a drag. It’s a trade off. I don’t feel like drawing anyway right this second so I’d rather put my energy into expanding my monster girl network.

Gotta become the Walt Disney of monster girl hentai I swear to god! One day I’ll look back at how hard life was back then and laugh. Laugh atop my tower of Tali merchandise and officially licensed MHFAP! dakimakuras- all of which have been thoroughly used and abused. We have actually looked into making official MHFAP! monster girl dakimakuras, but they’re way too expensive to manufacture and drop ship right now. Same with oppai mousepads, which we also looked into. Sigh.

I might sound jokey, but I do find myself really interested in seeing how far I can take myself and my brand. I think I can push MHFAP! very, very far… we just got to keep pushing against the odds. Will you still be with me when we get that far? I sure hope so my lewd, monster girl loving friend. Well, in any case… it’s good to have a dream. My dream of endless monster girls coupled with endless monster girl dollars may not be entirely pure, but hell if I’m not honest! Not that I’m doing this for money. If I wasn’t having fun I’d have quit long, long ago. Now enjoy the lewd handholding you sick hentai pervert fucks.