We got a question for our favorite cute robot, Futura!

And boy is our favorite cute robot sassy. It should be obvious that every girl in the Ask Monster Girls Anything segment react differently to questions. Some of them are… well they’re going to be bitches, saying it bluntly! Plenty of girls will be nice about questions, like our lovely harpy girl Tali, but Rizl and sometimes Futura rank among the meaner ones! Not every monster girl is a good girl… that goes without saying!

To some of you this might be the first time you’re seeing Futura‘s Power-Save Mode! This is her default appearance, though obviously not chibi. She’s petite but not a loli, at least that’s the intention. She’s short like a loli but has b cup breasts and still a decent ass! Big difference… *sweats nervously as Patreon stares down at me from a mountain of censorship*. They limit things a lot, to say the least. I don’t want to draw like 5 million blatantly unnacceptable lolis but the fact that I can’t have a petite girl with flat chest and no butt is pretty lame.

There’s also the ‘no-incest’ rule which I need to ask them about… I’m wondering if there can still be incest in MHFAP! as long as that specific page/illustration doesn’t get shown on Patreon. I think they just don’t want the content itself on Patreon? If anyone knows how that works let me know. Otherwise I’ll have to ask them myself. Ah well, don’t want to sound too depraved now do I? I’m just a humble monster girl hentai enthusiast after all.

Been keeping up the string of articles pretty nicely if I do say so myself! There’s a lot more content for me to post, and I’m excited about it. I hope everyone is just as excited as me for more monster girl hentai shenanigans! I promise you’ll see a LOT more of this cute robot hehe. Can’t wait to get an excuse to draw more of her Power-Save form, it’ll be debuting in the comic in the next 2 pages!