Time to kick off the Ask Monster Girls Anything Segment with a question for our favorite Harpy!

I’ve referenced this segment before, but allow me to formally welcome the Ask Monster Girls Anything segment to the official MHFAP! website! Previously I’ve only posted them on my Patreon, Hentai Foundry, Fur Affinity and elsewhere. But I’m trying to increase the amount of content here on the main site. This is hardly a good hub for all MHFAP! monster girl content if I don’t have a fraction of my work here. Hopefully using editors like MorningEspeon to help me write more articles will help. But I also need to step up my game and increase the amount of content hosted here! But for now, we gotta talk about this ask featuring the adorable harpy girl.

The way asks work is that anyone who’s a $5 Patron can ask a question when I post a new ask thread on my Patreon. I don’t answer every single question, just the ones that inspire me. Sadly there have not been any new Asks drawn in a week or two- I’ve been far, far too busy with my commissions and working on the actual comic… It makes me pretty sad. I’d kill for the time to work on cute content like this more often. But the answer as always seems to be I just don’t make enough to have that much time for myself…

Ah, I should say that this is the earliest Ask Monster Girls Anything segment naturally. It took me until 13 to settle into a routine with them and figure out a format that works best. When we get to that point, things change into a 4-koma gag manga style! The later asks are much, MUCH better. So I ask that you patiently wait for those! It’s not that these early jokes are bad- just that I find the 4-koma style much better.

With all that out of the way, I hope you enjoy the Ask Monster Girls Anything! series!!