Here’s a pretty little kitsune girl for you all to enjoy!

I enjoyed designing this girl quite a lot. Not only because she’s a kitsune- but that does help! Kitsune are adorable creatures. I doubt there’s anyone here who would disagree with me. Kitsune are just a top tier monster girl… classics are classics for a reason! Asami is a pretty cute kitsune, too. She’s one of my favorite designs of the MHFAP! OCs so far and that list is growing. So that’s kind of saying something, haha. I’m feeling a bit burnt out on drawing Japanese myth girls, though… There’s only so many variations on kimonos I can do in a row. Recently there’s been the Kappa girl, the Tanuki girl, this Kitsune girl, a Bai Ze girl… And I still might have to do like 2 other ones soon. Not looking forward to it. Though I could just be burnt out on character design in general.
That’s ok though, I’ll be back to making actual monster girl hentai before you know it! My queue isn’t *that* long compared to a few days ago. I admittedly didn’t do all that much work today though. Just did character designs for a Bai Ze and a slutty Elf girl. Then I did finish the Bai Ze, but I haven’t uploaded her anywhere yet… also a bit burnt out on that too. I hate to keep saying ‘I want to be working on the comic instead’ but… well, all work and no play. Comic is work AND play! And while I do love working on MHFAP! OCs and that junk when I do too much of it that starts to not be as enjoyable. Why? Eh just feels like I’m being forced. I don’t like being limited by things with my art. To me commissions are better as a thing I can do on the side but when they’re a necessity? That starts to get uncomfortable… Just let me draw monster girl hentai already!


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