Time for another new sticker on sale at my Redbubble, this time of Princess!

To coincide with the release of episode 11 of the Fapcast, Princess x Tabatha – Chained Together, I had to go and make chibi stickers for Princess and Tabatha! And damn, they both look adorable I think! I’m upset, I have so many stickers now and… and I don’t own a single one of them yet. I want my own merchandise so bad. If YOU want Princess’s sticker for yourself, then you can buy it by following this link! Help that merch train chug along bit by bit! You know the drill.

As far as production on things go… Eh. I’m getting a medium amount of things done. Making sexy monster girls, all that jazz, drawing hentai as much as I can. Right now I’m just focused on getting as big as I possibly can and growing my audience so that I naturally get more supporters. But I’m also not putting in as much effort as I should. I’m just one person and all of my responsibilities have been eating away at me in all honesty. It’s hard being the sole person in charge of a growing bigger and bigger monster girl empire… I’ll get big enough one day, but you need to buy stickers and other shit to help me get there haha. Then, and only then, will the hentai flow like an unending river from my hands. And I will create endlessly in pure bliss.

Did you miss the last sticker I posted the details for? It was Futura’s first sticker so it was a pretty big deal! Or maybe you’d be interested in checking out one for Patchy the Scarecrow?


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