A redesign of a much older MHFAP! OC, Saber the Silver Dragon! Owned by my friend Blueeagle55

Want to learn more about Saber, this adorably cute dragon you see in front of you? Read on and check out her Bio!

A petite, young Dragon girl who lives isolated up atop a snowy mountain. While Dragons are rare enough, the ones like Saber are truly few and far between as she possesses very few of the negative personality traits that Dragons are typically associated with. She’s friendly, loving, open to sharing, does not openly look down on others, and keeps no Kobolds as her slaves. That isn’t to say she’s COMPLETELY bereft of Dragonic behaviors. She still has a modest hoard of treasure, a nest and enjoys preying on innocent wildlife. But her personality is kind through and through- give or take a Dragon-like hangup here or there. You know the type, has a few very noticeable particularities that is hard to get them to budge on but is still a great friend regardless.

She spends her days flying around and looking for new things to entertain her very child-like personality. Living up on a cold-ass mountain mostly devoid of other monster girls sadly gives her not much as far as good company goes. She does venture forth past her mountain but as a Dragon doesn’t like to be far from her nest, and more importantly, her treasure, so as much as she wants to move closer to others she can’t bring herself. She has a long distance-ish relationship with a Wyvern named Linde. Their relationship is quirky to say the least, as Linde is not the brightest and continually insists that she’s a dragon while Saber is amused and finds her silliness cute- enabling her in the process. They can’t see each other as often as they’d like since Linde is cold blooded and would not last on the mountain for very long without expensive magical assistance such as temporary cold resistant charms. Saber often pays for these herself during visits, but try as she might she is still a dragon and parting with gold is a great ordeal for her- but the difference between Saber and other Dragons is that Saber is actually capable of doing it in the first place even if it’s a hard fought mental struggle versus her nature.

These days she has found a partner she loves just as much as Linde, the protagonist of MHFAP!, naturally. After saving him from a blizzard where he was separated from his Harem, Hero came to know Saber and, as these things typically go, her body. And she has been a recurring lover of his ever since. She loves to tease him and tends to be rather smug, different from her more supportive relationship with Linde. To Hero she acts as if she’s a sliiiightly lewd little sister, almost, that looks for little gaps to poke and prod him until the slightly lewd turns into very lewd. Her pet name for him is Rusty, for no particular reason other than that she’s a metallic(silver) dragon.

This was a collab with my assistant, Popps. He colored her! https://instagram.com/drpopps/

Here’s here old reference, you can see how far I’ve come!

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