This sticker of Tali is super cute don’t you think! Smol, but still STACKED!

Yes indeed, our favorite Harpy, Tali, has an adorable fullbody sticker of herself that you can physically own if you buy one on Redbubble! They’re pretty cheap too, around $3 or so. But I’m not here to pressure you into buying merch from me or anything, but it does help! You can also see that for these adorable monster girl stickers I get a lot of value from the full body ones like this. I use them for promotional material a lot, they’re very handy. So not only do I potentially get paid from these stickers, but I gain a very marketing tool in the form of reusable assets! Pretty nice if I do say so myself.

As for this specific chibi sticker I really think Tali looks adorable in this style. I used to hate drawing chibis honestly but ever since I got better at it and developed this cutesy style for me to draw them in, well, suffice to say it was a great day for monster girls when I cracked the chibi code. Wow that sounds narcissistic… ahem. I’ve made a lot of MHFAP! stickers by now but this one is still one of my favorites. Not just because it’s Tali either, I just think it’s one of the better ones in general you know?

If you wanna check out some of the other stickers I’ve made, here’s one of Tali’s wanted poster epithet, and here’s one of her MEEP! catchphrase! I suggest you follow me on there if you use Redbubble a lot, I release new stuff here and there and am always looking for more likes and followers! You’ll see all my new monster girl designs as soon as they’re for sale!


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