Yo, I’m PunishedKom, the author of MHFAP! and I’m a guy online who draws anime ladies, typically of the Monster Girl hentai variety. I’ve been all over the place in my artistic career from running an earlier, non porn webcomic called And Once Again, to becoming a successful furry porn artist which allowed me to move out of the proverbial mother’s basement. Am I a furry? Eh, I think the art is sexy sometimes but I’m not hardcore about it or anything. So not really.

Making comics is my dream and while I enjoy commission work, I ultimately decided “Ok. I’m decently successful now. If I have to make money from porn, I might as well start a hentai comic. That’ll let me design my own characters, my own story, and my own fetishes.” I mean no insult to the people who commission me, it just gets really boring devoting my life to other people’s fantasies! I’m an artist at heart, even worse I feel I’m one of those “artistic” types who strive for something greater.

So here I am. When not drawing, I can be found playing games, reading manga or working  on other comic production stuff such as script writing or managing my presense on different sites. It’s a rough life…

I don’t do requests and I’m selective with my commissions. Don’t be offended if I don’t reply, I have tons of stuff going on all the time!

Release Schedule

The release of MHFAP! pages is atypical compared to other webcomics. Mainly because I don’t like the posting page by page 1-3 times a week schedule and I’d hate to edge you readers like that. So the way I do it is by grouping them by scenes. When I write a script I break it down by scenes and each is drawn accordingly, and when a scene is done I upload it all at once.

Other sites where I release MHFAP! Include Hentai Foundry, Fur Affinity and Twitter but these are much more staggered than the main site. If you want to read MHFAP, then the official site is the best place to do so! If you REALLY want to get balls deep into MHFAP! You can read the pages as I make them instead of waiting scene by scene over on Patreon. For just $1 a month you get exclusive access to everything comic related, and Patreon exclusive pinups for just $1!