We could use more art of a sexy lizard girl, right?

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It’s a pinup of Adara the Salamander! Naturally you all remember her, right? She’s very hard to forget and she’s definitely one of my favorite sexy monster girls I’ve come up with as far as OCs go. And then I made this pinup and damn! It’s one of my favorite pinups by far. I really like the energy this piece has to it. Her owner recently bought another pinup of her so I’ll have some new art of Adara to post soon too! It’s good because I really do like drawing her.

I got a lot of work done on chapter 2 today! The first 4 pages of layouts are fully completed and luckily that’s a whole scene right there. So I can get straight into drawing it! Won’t be another hentai scene until scene 3 but that’s all good, I have some sexy plans for you guys to enjoy in the meantime! And jokes, don’t forget the amazing comedy I have planned. You’ll all love the great hentai I got planned for you so sit back and enjoy my hentai rollercoaster of monster girl delights.

But until that, enjoy a sexy lizard girl <3


Sexy lizard girl

Click me for the full resolution of this sexy lizard girl!

Make sure you check out that Minotaur OC I designed! She’s real sexy~

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