This mimic girl is ready to be unlocked!

Hey guys, I wanted to show off this sexy mimic girl I made for a friend of mine! Read Lockett’s character bio below.

Lockett is a mimic girl who lives in a Dungeon called the Bygone Atheneum, a gigantic sprawling maze of rows and rows of books from forgotten eras. It’s a pretty popular Dungeon that thieves try to raid, as even if they don’t make it to the end they can still pick up a few books from the shelves and sell them for a good price. There are rumors that this dungeon contains ancient knowledge from before the Sexaclysm, but the content is highly curated so that stuff isn’t really put on the public shelves. If the Queen knew these books still existed, there would be hell to pay for all employees of the Atheneum! Because of the Dungeon’s popularity, Lockett gets a lot of work. But the problem is she’s pretty bad at it so she doesn’t get paid very much… which is fine, because Lockett is more than happy just to be able to live in the Atheneum.

Mimic girls in MHFAP! subsist by taking in the energy emitted by others when they are surprised, which means they have to come up with tricks to force shock out of people just in order to be fed. Lockett is particularly unskilled at this, and goes hungry a lot as a result. You seem, she’s bad at the whole surprising people thing. When someone comes around a corner, rather than leaping out of her chest at the last second Lockett will forget to spring out, and the dungeon raiding monster girl will just see a random half naked cheek reading a book inside the chest, often not even aware that her chest was opened! She’ll notice after it gets chilly, but that might take a few. Her friends take pity on her a lot and pretend to act surprised in normal conversation with her, just so that she gets a little something to feed on. She is annoyed that they have to do this, but is also very grateful to her friends for caring enough. What a lucky mimic girl! Lockett is kept employed because she’s really good at managing the Atheneum and often volunteers to transcribe and copy decaying books over with her amazing memory.

As for her relationship with the protagonist of MHFAP!, Lockett is more than a little mad at him for disrupting her life at the Atheneum during his raid, but because of the importance of this Dungeon it was not closed down by the Erinyes after he went wild inside it. She kept her job, but things got a lot worse and more strict for her afterwards. More so than this, Lockett is mad that the Hero can’t seem to help himself when it comes to teasing her. He finds her poor attempts to scare him particularly adorable and plays back in kind. While typically caring more about reading than her work, she takes a special interest in him out of a desire to well and truly scare him. She often reads thriller novels, crime dramas and other such things to devise tricky ways to get him, but he always sees through them and manages to harass her back in turn, almost always sexually in nature. Duh.

Hero has done Lockett some good, in all honesty. Which is why she admittedly has some feelings for him. He inspired this mimic girl to take her head out of her books every now and then, and she even sometimes leaves the Atheneum to go find him and try to scare him, which was more than she ever used to. Because of her overall literary obsession, her pet name for the Hero is “Romeo”, a quip used very sarcastically.

Lockett is a MHFAP! OC owned by Sirberus


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