Another sexy pinup of Hayley B? You bet!

Hayley B has become a pretty good friend of mine since I made that first thing for her, and we talk pretty actively now! She wanted to see me draw one of her favorite photos of herself and I was like, sure why not? Funnily enough she ended up paying me for it anyway as she felt bad about getting two things in a row like that for free. Didn’t want to feel like she was using me, which I appreciate! Lot of people out there tend to take advantage of artists like myself. I typically don’t let people walk over me but I know the type is out there…

Like before make sure you check out Hayley’s sexy Twitter and Pornhub for way more of her! Also if you didn’t see the first pinup of Hayley I did, you can see it here!

Sorry I’m still really behind posting my art on here. I’ll try and get 1-2 more thing posted on her tonight. We’ll see though! Every time I post something I end up creating two more pieces of art right after… it’s a never ending cycle of content creation! Anyone else know that feeling? It can’t be just me. So many things I want to draw on top of the things I get paid to draw…

As far as MHFAP! goes I have a lot of stuff to post soon for character designs, and the best part? I have officially started drawing Chapter 2! I’ll be posting the first page in 1-2 days depending on how much I get cracking on stuff. That’s only the title page though and like I told you if you want to read it faster you’ll need to pledge on Patreon! It takes a lot of work to create the amount of erotic hentai content that I do and I really can’t do it would all the supporters I can get. Not to try and guilt any of you though! That’s just how it is.


Make sure you check out that last pinup I did of Tali in some really sexy lingerie!

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