Let’s keep this Monster Girl Porn train rolling shall we?

Alright let’s do this, page two! Gotta continue on powering through these if I want to get current on the uploads left. Right now I have the first 11 pages done and I got to get them all up. It’s a daunting task but I can handle it. Gotta bring the hentai to the people. All the Monster Girl porn lovers are waiting for me!

This and the first page were very fun for me to draw. Since I’d stuck drawing furry porn for a long time I wasn’t able to draw much ‘stylized’ stuff. So these two pages gave me a chance to stretch my artistic muscles before the hentai begins. Eagle eyed readers can obviously tell my main influence here is the intro cinematic to Wind Waker. Might be weird referencing it in monster girl porn, but. Well. It’s always had such an effect on me growing up! Now, I corrupted it for my own pornographic uses. Sorry, Nintendo… Come to think of it that game influenced me a lot in general. Tetra is one of the biggest reasons I have such a thing for tomboys… Er. You can probably expect a lot of that kind of thing in my monster girl porn heh.

And if you couldn’t tell, the images are very metaphorical. The Queen Mother is not going to look like that whatsoever, as I needed to keep her very much a mystery. Don’t wanna blow my load and reveal something so important. Not when there’s so much monster girl porn to make! We gotta JJ Abrams this shit up and have so many ongoing mysteries!

How specifically do lesbian couplings produce offspring in this world? Well, how do two Pokemon create an egg when they seemingly magically appear? Fuck if I know. It probably involves some strange sort of lesbian magic that may or may not be ‘touched’ upon in the future. But as you can see, one of the mothers does become physically pregnant. Though this is just a union between an Angel and a Demon, two Humanoid races. Other Monster girls have differing methods of reproduction, naturally! So many things I can do with monster girl porn.

Our adorable heroine, Tali the harpy, for instance lays eggs. A fact that I’m sure many of you perverts are waiting for me to draw with bated breath… not that I blame you honestly. Rizl, the Kobold, also lays eggs. I promise that the main harem will include much diversity in Monster Girl types! There won’t be any overlapping species. As much as we all love Tali, one harpy is more than enough. Doesn’t mean I can’t ever make monster girl porn of other harpies or feature them in minor rolls in this comic!

Also yes, I am the JJ Abrams of Monster girl porn. Just in case anyone asks.


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