The Hero is a true gentleman, but don’t ask about his amnesia!

This one is kind of a joke at myself. Why? Fucking amnesia. It was a thing in my ill-fated first webcomic several years ago and it’s a thing in MHFAP!. It’s not a huge deal in my monster girl hentai, though, and it’s more for jokes. I just wanna keep the details of what the world used to be like under wraps, honest! It’s not even full amnesia, he’s just foggy. But the story isn’t so much about him, that part doesn’t matter. What matters is that its an excuse to go on this sexy adventure and go fuck lots of amazing monster girls with tons of hentai scenes haha! But I do want to stress that Hero is a Gentleman.

As it’s pointed out here- he would *never* hurt someone ever. Eventually when we start getting more conflict in the main story I can guarantee you it might turn into a problem for our protagonist. But you guys know Hero by now. He’s clever… it won’t be a problem for long! That’s not to say he won’t hurt girls who are totally consenting to being hurt. Masochist monster girls, mm… ahem. My point is that he respects women and he always will- loving sex and fucking lots of girls doesn’t mean he is rude to them!

But here we also see a bit of Futura‘s fun side, naturally. These Ask Monster Girls Anything segments can always have other girls pop up even when they aren’t the ones being asked anything.  Just how it works, consider it a fun cameo from other sexy anime chicks, haha~ the more the better! Especially if it ends up in some hot, sexy yuri/lesbian action… ahem. My bad.