Want to listen to your favorite MHFAP characters and not just read words off a page? Audio Adventures are for you!

Until now, you could only imagine a voice in your head… But now, I proudly present Audio Adventures! Each audio file contains extremely talented voice actors bringing characters to life in erotic, monster girl fashion! Not only that, but you might get more information about a character, or have some private time with her. You can listen to harpies, dragons, kobolds, and so much more ranging from sweet and mildly ecchi to intense, erotic hentai action!

Paired with each audio track will be a stunningly detailed illustration for your enjoyment. These pictures highlight the monster girls featured in the audio. The best part is? It’s all in English! No need to learn a different language just to understand what a sexy girl is whispering in your ears. Instead, you can focus on audio pleasure. Keep your eyes and ears on the lookout for Audio Adventures, coming soon to a MHFAP website near you!

Current Voice Actresses




KatzkornevaAsami, Bella

Pssst, I’ll let you in on a little secret. The first Audio Adventure has already been released! “Tali: Mornings with Lovebird” is a titillating¬†scene between you, the Hero, and your darling Harpy, Tali. What better way for her to wake you up than with some intimate lovemaking? Are you interested now?¬†You can find it here! All future erotic audio adventures will be paired with a beautiful picture. This first one was a bit of an experiment so it doesn’t have an illustration paired with it, unfortunately.